The following reviews are from my previous appointment booking system:


Great Reading - 9/21/2014
Edward S says: I had a wonderful experience with Ellen. She was compassionate and accurate, and provided many powerful insights. Not only was there the gift of understanding during the reading, but also one of healing. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some truth. One of the truly genuine and gifted psychics out there today.

Great skills in mediumship and psychic reading... - 7/8/2014  

Rhodes G says: Ellen is exceptional medium, if Spirit has something to say to you they will through Ellen. All communicaiton is powered by love....and if there is a loving connection with you and your passed loved ones or your spirit guides, Ellen will convey communication. Ellen is also good psychic reader into other realms of consciousness, ask if she can help into what your connection that you want. A compassionate person, is Ellen.


Ellen is a guidance counselor - 4/7/2014

Anne T. says: Ellen helped decrease the anxiety I have felt for my entire life. The anxiety has been a problem in communicating with my family and dealing with issues at work. I am now feeling calm and at peace with myself, and I feel that relationship issues will greatly improve. Her specific ideas on how to enhance my life and find fulfillment are ideas I will pursue. She is a delight to talk to and I appreciate how specific she is in telling me what I need to know to pursue a more fulfilling life. 

So surprising - 2/13/2014

Cheryl B. says: Dear Ellen, Thank you so much for our meeting today. I told you that I signed up for the session pretty spontaneously and wasn't clear about my expectations or wishes, but I got so much more than I could have hoped for. When you said that my parents were there and wanted to know if I had any questions I was so shocked that I didn't but I was so thankful for their communication. And our talk helped me feel confident about the issues I have been working on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Warmly, Cheryl 

Psychic Development Webinar - 1/18/2014 

Debbie C. says: I thoroughly enjoyed Ellen's Monday night Psychic Development Webinar. The experience was extremely beneficial, informative and insightful. I continue to see growth in my abilities daily. As I aspire to the greatest expression of myself as a spiritual healer and teacher, I consider Ellen to be one of the most "tapped in" teachers I have worked with. Her gifts are refined and she is professional and direct. I have learned so much from her private readings and through listening to her radio shows. It was truly a pleasure to to participate in her webinar. I am looking forward to future classes! 

If you're seeking deeper meaning and answers.... - 10/29/2013

Laurie L says: Ellen was extremely kind and honest in delivering very clear messages with guidance and suggestions that helped clear up so many unanswered questions. I now have clear understanding about connections to certain people in my life, the psychic phenomenon I've experienced and my direction going forward. You can feel how connected she is to her angels and she makes sure to explain what she hears in terms that you can understand. She is so easy to talk to and ensures she answers all of your questions. I would highly recommend her!

Clear! Clear! Clear! - 5/27/2013

Mark P says: Hi Ellen, Many thanks to you and all your Angels and Spirit guides!!! And now Hi to all the curious people out there. Guys do yourselves a favor and ask Ellen, she is the real thing. She is understandable, clear, extremely experienced. All the best from K and M (Sydney, Australia) We are Kathryn and Mark, had the great Ellen

Highly recommended - 5/19/2013

Adam R says: Ellen Mahloy is a rare gem. She provides a unique balance of professionalism, matter-of-factness and honesty. That Ellen is gifted with remarkable ability and insight is unquestionable. What makes her truly amazing is her approachable, no-nonsense manner and ability to combine these gifts with clear, direct communication and practical, relevant advice. Invaluable!

Genius - 5/18/2013

Renee R says: My reading with Ellen was wonderful. She was compassionate, generous, and spot on. She was able to relate information to me from my guides about an issue I've struggled with and I got off the phone with the first sense of peace I've had in years. I am beyond grateful for this information and the calm it has instilled. Her openness in sharing aspects of her own story in an attempt to explain things was not only helpful, but truly generous and kind and very much appreciated. I walked away with so much helpful information and resources. Ellen is the real deal. Many thanks. 

Ellen is a sweethert - 3/27/2013

Donna H says: Ellen is an extremely gifted lady, she is pure of love, her gift is simply to help us grow and understand this tough life we all have decided to endure, Ellen was able to communicate with my angels and guides, the information about who I am and what my purpose here in this life is was spot on, it is something I lost sight of due to the turmoils of this physical world. Thanks to Ellen I was reminded of why I choose this life, what my purpose is and how to get back on track. I will forever be grateful to her. 

Ellen is wonderful - 2/22/2013

Kayla D says: Speaking with Ellen has helped me so much. Thank you! She has a divine gift.

So thankful for you Ellen and your willingness to share your healing gifts.


Charisma H says: I LOVED my reading with Ellen! She is articulate, witty, generous and genuine...all the things that resonated with me from the beginning when I first became aware of her on Psychic Say So Radio. All I can say is "thank you from the bottom of my heart Ellen." Everything we talked about and the information you communicated from the Angels brought me much needed clarity and peace. Of course we don't always hear exactly what we may hope to hear in certain areas of concern but because you know it is coming from divine guidance with unconditional love, it somehow makes it all ok anyway.. I'm so beyond happy to have connected with you on such a level. Our conversation made me feel like we knew eachother always and I had a much more grounded as well as connected sense of well being after. I know you're precious baby is due in less than a week and I'm still secretly hoping that she makes her debut on your actual due date of Sept 6th. That is my son's birthday and was the greatest & happiest day of my life so it's a great day to be born in my opinion. : ) Best wishes to you, Jeff and it! I look forward to connecting with you again as soon as you are ready! Much love! Charisma

Truly Divine Guidance! - 7/15/2012

Emerson S says: I can't thank Ellen enough for connecting with my angels. The information was really accurate. She guided me in all areas of my life that I needed help and more. It was an amazing reading and a great experience. Thank you very much Ellen! Emerson S :0)

Always good..... - 6/16/2012

Rhodes G says: I am a sensitive person to a degree but not to the extent of clarity that mediums and psychics have. It is always good to check in with Ellen for clear communication with my spirit guides and relationships. -Rhodes. 

Amazing - 4/12/2012

Connie T says: Thank you Ellen for the wonderful reading yesterday! I have faith in the Angels but just for other people who may be skeptics of readings and messages from the angles, I’m here to tell you, Ellen is CONNECTED! She even knew how some of my close relatives acted and felt about things without me telling her a word about them. How could she have possibly known those things, she hasn’t ever spoken with them. I always recommend her to everyone I know. But, I just wanted to say thanks Ellen that reading really helped calm my nerves and I already have a job interview! Love what you do and I will be back again! 

Amazing - 3/16/2012

Nohemi R says: Ellen was awesome to work with. Everything made sense, she was direct & straight to the point. Would totally work with her again. It's just great how she connects with the Angels. 

Amazing Healer - 3/15/2012

Jeff P says: Over the years I've used Ellen as a healer several times. The last time I was on a business trip, and couldn't afford to be sick. I had a severe fever along with the worst case of the chills I've ever had. She knocked it out in a couple hours. Distance healing works --Amazing! 

Heartfelt Experience - 3/02/2012

Elizabeth M says: Ellen connected with my angels & spiritual team. Her insight & intuitive information are exactly spot on for my health, career, personality,family etc.. I highly recommend her & will work with her again!!

Gratitude - 2/22/2012

Julie N says: Thanks Ellen, I wish I had booked an hour. There were times when you were reading my mind and used the exact words I would have. I am grateful for the time we spent and that you are able to really change direction quickly when I needed it.

no fluff, just stuff - 1/07/2012

Impressed C says: I was very pleased by Ellen's to the point answers. She gave me specific information that would be helpful to my healing. I am only just scratching the surface of her recommendations, but so far it looks really promising. I feel that she has really helped to set me on my path to healing and spiritual growth.

Maureen L. Miraculous healing - 12/23/2011

Maureen L says: Years ago Ellen and her raiki with angles helped me heal from breast cancer. I have been completely cancer free since. I had the need for her assistance again recently with my son after having him to the doctor multiple times for several days he was getting progressively worse I called Ellen, my son was markedly improved within twenty minutes of her working on him and had one other session and has not been sick again since. I am profoundly moved by her abilities and in the highest state of appreciation for the work she does and all she has done for me and my family. 

A true guide - 10/19/2011

Lori O says: I questioned my path on this journey. Ellen was supportive with great insight. With her very special talents, the angels confirmed what I thought is my path. Not because this is the life I would choose but because it is the journey I was meant to take. A very busy and demanding life, I have faith I will be able to persevere with the tools Ellen has taught me. Clear, concise, the time spent with Ellen enlightening .

My experience with Ellen - 10/13/2011

Lisa D says: I will admit at 1st I did not like the information she gave me...and I for a moment felt angry...When I let the truth of what she had said settle into soul...I changed my life...She spoke of my health issues and diet...she was right on target, but I was in denial...I have since her reading started eating better..had reconnective healing and feel I have been healed completely...she guilded me on the path to do this...Thank you very much...I will use her again. Thank you!

A good psychic to other realms - 10/07/2011

Rhodes G says: If you are sensitive and appreciative enough of your spirit guidance around you, Ellen is exceptional and will give communication.

Ellen was very accurate - 10/05/2011

Ana V says: Ana V: This was my first experience ever in a session with Angels. Ellen was very helpful, nice, patient and accurate. I definitively would recommend her to other people that need guidance and ideas. Thank you Ellen!

Ellen is Awesome! - 9/28/2011

Michael P says: Ellen did an amazing job helping me clear some negative energies. Her gift of insight has helped me in many areas. I recommend her as highly as I possibly can. She is the real deal, and I am grateful to have met her. Michael Peak

A wonderful experience - 9/27/2011

David D says: Ellen provided me with a reading several weeks ago that addressed my own psychic/intuitive potential and abilities. Through following the tips and techniques she provided I have been able to recognize and trust the psychic information I've been receiving. Ellen is very down-to-earth and straight forward without superfluous esoteric information. Highly recommended.

Clear, incisive guidance - 9/18/2011

barbara n says: I have had several readings with Ellen about career issues. She has consistently given me clear, incisive guidance that has been extremely helpful. I have recommended her to all my friends. Barbara N.

Brilliant - 9/17/2011

Scott H says: Ellen is an excellent teacher and is truly gifted. I have had two readings with her and she has provided me with guidance that only the angels coukd ever know. Keep up the great work. I look forward to taking her classes and having more readings with her. Ellen..... You truly are an angel yourself. Blessings. Scott H

Such helpful and clear guidance. - 9/15/2011

Nancy L says: I decided to try Ellen based on a friend's recommendation. It was one of the best readings I ever had. She gave me clear guidance on my health issues as well as questions I had about the direction of my career. I would definitely call her again and again.

I loved it - 9/01/2011

Lisa D says: This is not my 1st reading and Ellen was spot on...she went right to the area's of concern. Right off she zoned into my heath issues. Words cannot describe how well she did. She knew the things that I needed to work on in this life.. she knew my little hang ups and was able to suggest how to help me without interferring with my way of doing things...I highly recomend Ellen and I will be using her again in the future...As I said this is not my 1st reading, but she is unique in the way she reads...I have never had this experience with another Psychic, healer, or medium...She is diffently one of a kind...I felt compassion and love during the whole experince, the hour seem to be five minutes...It was a very enlightening experince...Lisa Douglas

Informative and Healing - 7/27/2011

Dee R says: This was the first meeting I have had with Ellen and, with no preconceived notions, she and the angels connected me with my parents, provided guidance on several important matters, and started my physical healing. Additionally, I have 'homework' that will help me get as healthy as I can be! Thank you, Ellen, for sharing your gift with me!

Thank you very much to you Ellen and the angels - 6/30/2011

Axelle R says: Ellen you made my day! No need to say how accurate you were, everyone knows it. The angels could not have found a more beautiful, intelligent and funny person to share their messages. I cannot wait to study with you. Axelle

Best reading ever! - 6/16/2011

terry g says: Over my lifetime, I have been to about 5 psychics and none compare to the reading I received from Ellen. Her knowledge of me and my situation and the detailed advice on what to do in the future was incredible. I look forward to future readings! Thanks so much Ellen! 

Clarity - 6/05/2011

Re G says: Clear and concise guidance down to the word. I had an excellent spot-on reading and a very rejuvenating healing session with Ellen. She is a beacon of light to guide your journey by, I look forward to working with her again. 

Thank you SO much Ellen! - 5/22/2011

Mary A says: I feel very blessed and grateful for my session with Ellen which combined an Angel reading and healing with Reiki with Angels. Both aspects were very beneficial. During the reading Ellen was able convey to me very specific details and guidance from the Angels regarding what to do at this time to address my myriad of health issues. Ellen was able to tell me what was happening in my body without my telling her (and she would not have been able to know by any other means than through her psychic ability). She was also able to give me additional insight as to what is happening in my body of which I was not specifically aware, but certainly made sense! I am very happy to have ways to continue with healing my body further on my own through the guidance and recommendations given. I will certainly not hesitate to seek Ellen's assistance again for a reading and/or healing. My experience was wonderful and I am so fortunate to have found someone so gifted and helpful as Ellen. I extend my sincere gratitude the Angels as well!

Most amazing reading ever - 4/26/2011

Aengela K says: I am in awe of Ellen's gift. I just really love her style. I think she gives a very down-to-earth approach to her reading, where I can really apply it and use it in my life. In a way that can be truly helpful and life changing. Her readings give the TRUTH instead of what you want to hear.I think that some psychics pick up on your hopes or fears, but I think she goes beyond that and taps into the HIGHEST truth. She is the real deal because she knew things that a non-psychic could not possibly know (things that I knew but she couldn't know). I am so grateful to have had a session with her and I plan to seek her guidance many times in the future because my reading was so valuable.

Amazing psychic and healer. - 4/01/2011

Ken K says: I've known Ellen for many years and have relied on her excellent psychic and healing abilities many times. She is extremely gifted in healing, and most importantly, a very honest and good hearted person who cares for others and their needs and always acts in a professional manner. Ellen combines business professionalism, psychic abilities, and healing powers in a way I have not seen any where else. I very highly recommend her work and classes. Ken Kiehn Energy Healer and Tai Chi/Chi Gung teacher. 

incredibly accurate - 3/15/2011

kathleen m says: Ellen was fun to speak to very insightful with great accuracy.I was so happy my friend gifted my reading with ellen it was more than i expected she answered all my questions and gave me helpful insight now its up to me to take on direction. I love that i found out that i was at one point a tree spirit and connected to the faery realm i even have a itty biity pony size unicorn who is cheering on ellen for such a great job thank you so much ---kathleen ann marye

Incredibly accurate and perceptive! - 3/11/2011

J. L says: I feel blessed to have found such an insightful, talented healer / counselor / psychic. I cannot say enough about Ellen and highly recommended her!

an amazing healer


Linda F says: I have taken classes with Ellen and she is an amazing teacher who is profoundly guided and a true light in the world and feel truly blessed to have her in my life. I recently received an energy session with her and can say that it was a most amazing experience and she is a gifted healer and can't wait for my next session. The world is a better place because she is in it:)

Tara C - 3/07/2011

Tara C says: I received my Level I attunement in December of '05. I was deeply moved by her path to sharing the gift of Reiki with others. Ellen's spirit is profoundly joyful yes! She speaks wisdom in such a gentle, clear way, and offers herself genuinely to the Universe....isn't this what divinity is all about?! (Loving Spirit, & Reiki Practitioner)

Ellen is a Treasure - 3/06/2011

Brandy B says: Ellen Mahloy is an excellent teacher; her classes are filled with exactly what we need to know. She is always divinely guided; and I am blessed to know this angel and for all the gifts that she has shared in classes and sessions. Ellen, you are a treasure in my life and in the Universe. By Brandy (Glen Allen,VA)

Jean G. says: - 3/06/2011 - Jean G says: In 2005, I was referred to Ellen by my doctor of functional medicine. Ellen introduced me to Reiki and opened a whole new world to me. I had suffered for years, unable to rest the back of my head on a pillow because of the constant pain. At the end of my session with Ellen the pain was gone. I have had the blessing of being one of Ellen’s “Reiki with Angels” students as well as attending her Lightworker’s gatherings and other functions. She is amazing and highly regarded. I look to Ellen as a healer, teacher, guide, mentor at times, and a good friend

Prepare to be enlightened - 3/05/2011 - Michelle B says: I had the privilege of attending Ellen's Psychic Development class and I also have the privilege of being a long time friend of Ellen. She is a truly gifted, kind and generous individual. Her intuition and insight are unparalleled. She is a wealth of knowledge on the metaphysical and I can guarantee attending one of her classes, in any subject, will be an enlightening experience.

Truly Connected - 3/04/2011

Debi F says: I've attended several of Ellen's classes including her Reiki with Angels classes. Ellen's methods of teaching are methodical and effective. She works with whatever level you are at and helps give you the confidence in your own abilities and gifts. I've also had many different types if sessions wiyh Ellen. She is truly a gift that is definitely connected to Divine Guidance. 

Desiree Foster - 3/04/2011

Desiree F says: I attended Ellen's Divine Dating Diva course. This course was a true eye opener. Ellen's knowledge on this subject is truly amazing. If you never got the dating talk from yor mother you will hear this and much more from her. I learned how to break old habits, how to stay safe with online dating, and how to write a great profile. 

Wonderful teacher - 3/04/2011

Rebecca M says: I am currently taking a course with Ellen and I can say that she is truly tapped in to Divine Guidance and helps you do the same. She is very encouraging and helps students of all levels discover their innate connection to the Divine Source. She is also fun and light-hearted enough that her students can truly relate to her for a much richer experience. I look forward every week to our gathering and plan more classes with Ellen in the future.

Understanding what must be done - 3/04/2011

Allyn C says: I met with Ellen yesterday and I really enjoyed her straight up, by the way, talk with me. She helped me understand what was happening to me and she worked on my many past lives. She knew I had many questions and she gave me guidance on what needs to be done. She gave me great information and several books to read to help me through the road I am going down. Thank you Ellen, you helped me see things clearer and I can't wait to take one of your classes.

Ellen Mahloy is gifted. - 3/04/2011

Erika L says: My psychic reading experience with Ellen Mahloy was great. She delivered true spirit guidance. She is pure joy. What can I say... she is surrounded by Divine associates. I recommend her services for those people that are looking for real information. You are going to hear what you need for your growth in all areas. Your questions might be answered by her before you even ask. By Erika Leoni, MA (Counselor and Healer)

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