In light of present circumstances, I am gifting 25 seats in each of my teleclasses to people who are unemployed or living on a reduced income. The spots are first come, first served. Psychic Development classes are held monthly and cost $55.00 per student for all the classes the month you register. If you pay for class and PayPal does not forward you to the teleclass registration page, or you are taking advantage of the free class option, you can register for class via the "Register Here" button.

Psychic Development January 2021

MON-WED-FRI @ 5 pm - 7 pm ET

Psi Dev is on Mon., Wed. & Fri. at 5 pm ET via teleclass and includes one-on-one practice. Cost is 55 per student for the whole month. If you're paying, PayPal should re-redirect you to the teleclass registration page, if not, use the link below. If you're going to use one of the gifted seats in class, register using the link below.

Reiki with Angels Level 1

2021 TBD

Defense Against the Dark Arts is for advanced students only with the instructor's approval. Cost is $444 per student.

Group Healing with Ellen


Ellen conducts a free Group Healing for stress relief. Everyone will connect with Ellen via teleconference.

Distance Healing Team

SATURDAYS @ 12:30 pm ET

Healers mobilize as a crisis response team to send Reiki with Angels to hot spots. Some experience required.

When you complete a PayPal payment for a class, the PayPal system should forward you to the page to register for the teleclass. If this does not happen, register using the "Register Here" button. Thank you!

Each class Ellen teaches has a Google Classroom with various documents (Google Docs, Google Sheets, videos, audios, etc.) for students to review. Some classes will include a quiz to pass to obtain the certification. The quiz may be taken when you are ready, but certification will not be granted until it is passed. Classes without certification will not include a quiz.

Ellen, or one of her assistants, will send students an invitation to join each class they're registered for. If you do not have a Gmail account, you will still receive an invitation to join your class, but will be required to create a Gmail account to get into the classroom.