Psychic Development

Psi Dev is taught via teleclass and includes one-on-one practice. I am gifting 25 seats in each of my teleclasses to people who are unemployed or living on a reduced income. The spots are first come, first served and you must register same as a paying student. You do not need to ask me if you can have one of the seats. If you meet the criteria and want to join class, simply register.

Psi Dev Class Dates:

SEP 2021: M-W-F, 10 am ET, $55
OCT 2021: M-W-F, 9 pm ET, $55
NOV & DEC 2021, JAN & FEB 2022 - No Classes
MAR 2022: M-W-F, 10 am ET, $55
APR & MAY 2022 - No Classes
JUN 2022: M-W-F, 9 pm ET, $55
JUL & AUG 2022 - No Classes
SEP 2022: M-W-F, 10 am ET, $55
OCT & NOV 2022 - No Classes
DEC 2022: M-W-F, 9 pm ET, $55

Psi Dev SEP

Register SEP

Psi Dev OCT

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If you pay for a class and PayPal does not forward you to the teleclass registration page, or you are taking advantage of the free class option, you can register for class via the "Register" button.

Hello Psi Dev Students,

If you are currently, or have been, one of Ellen's Psi Dev students you are eligible to join her Psi Dev Google Classrooms.

To get into the classroom, you need to receive an email invitation from Ellen and have a Gmail account. Once you're in the Google Classroom, you are automatically enrolled in the Flipgrid account associated with the class. I've been sending out email invites to students; let me know if you did not receive one.

No one is required to join the classroom nor participate in the Flipgrid group. However, the classroom is where I'm posting handouts, infographics, links to books and products, and recordings of past classes.

I look forward to interacting with you in our Google Classroom and Flipgird group!

Kind regards,

ATTENTION: I'm having trouble with the Google Classroom and Flipgrid integration. Hopefully, it'll get corrected soon.

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