Reiki with Angels

In light of present circumstances, I am gifting 25 seats in each of my teleclasses to people who are unemployed or living on a reduced income. The spots are first come, first served.

RWA I for Physicians

FEBRUARY 28, 2021 from 10 am - 2 pm ET

This Reiki with Angels Level I class is for medical doctors and other physicians. Cost is $100.

Reiki with Angels

RWA Level I is for personal development. Cost is $100 per student.

RWA Level II is for professional practitioners and students who want advanced techniques. Cost is $444 per student.

RWA Level III is the Master-Teacher Level. Cost is $444 per student.

There are a number of ways RWA is different from traditional American-style Usui Reiki:

  1. This healing modality is an equal mix of Reiki Therapy and Angel Work, otherwise know as working with the angelic realm.

  2. To practice this modality fully, you must have well developed psychic abilities and be able to communicate with angels - Holy Guardian Angels and Archangels, specifically.

  3. We do not follow hand positions. We use intuition to "go where we're guided".

  4. The bulk of the teaching is in Level II. If you have studied another form of Reiki or another healing modality, you may skip Level I. Level I is for people who have no experience with spiritual healing.

  5. In most systems of Reiki, many of the students complete all the levels, but not in RWA. Only students who have sacred contracts to teach RWA become teachers.

  6. The RWA attunement process (the sacred ceremony to make human bodies a conduit for healing energy) did not come from Usui Reiki, it came from Archangel Raphael. We have 3 styles of attunement:

    1. In-person - from teacher to student, one-on-one

    2. Distance - from teacher to student, one-on-one

    3. Group - from teacher to multiple people, in-person or at a distance

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