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Ellen Mahloy

Psychic Medium

Prior to becoming psychic suddenly in 2003, Ellen was a corporate project manager, business analyst and website designer.  In 2004 Ellen changed careers and began offering Reiki Therapy and messages from the angelic realm, which became known as Reiki with Angels™.

In Sep 2020 Ellen will begin home schooling her daughter and take a break of 2 - 4 months from teaching. Her assistants will teach Psi Dev in her stead.

In light of present circumstances, Ellen is gifting 25 seats per class to folks who are unemployed or living on a reduced income (email me). The gifted seats are first come, first served.

Stay well! Angel blessings, Ellen

Group Healing

Saturdays 11 am ET

Ellen conducts a free Group Healing for stress relief. Everyone will connect with Ellen via teleconference.



Distance Healing Team

Saturdays 12:30 pm ET

Healers mobilize as a crisis response team to send Reiki with Angels to hot spots. Some experience required.



Psychic Development

Mon-Wed-Fri with Dr. Wynee Jackson

Psi Dev is on Mon. at 1 pm, Wed. & 7 pm ET via teleclass and includes one-on-one practice.



© 2020 Ellen Mahloy                                                                                                                                  Tel: 804-545-3099 LAN | Skype: ellenmahloy

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