Ellen Mahloy, Psychic Medium

Reiki with Angels Founder, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor

ANNOUNCEMENT: My advance students will be giving free 15 minute readings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in February 2023 beginning at 9:30 pm ET. If you would like to receive a free reading, please register now and make sure to state that you are a volunteer.

Episode 5 - Spirit Guides & Angels

Episode 62 - Spiritual Awakening

Hi There! I'm Ellen Mahloy and I'm a psychic medium living in the Richmond, Virginia, USA area who is known for my ability to communicate with angels and for doing health intuition. I'm the founder of the Reiki with Angels healing modality and I offer private readings, distance Reiki sessions and I co-teach psychic development teleclasses (with my senior assistants) to students all over, but mostly in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. 

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Psi Dev Teleclasses 2023

Dear European Students: In MARCH 2023 there will be a teleclass called Signs & Symbols taught at 4 pm ET/9 pm GMT. And we're putting together a team of co-teachers who will hold the psi dev teleclasses for your time zones. Please fill out my Events & Classes Questionnaire to help us plan future teleclasses you are interested in: Questionnaire