About Ellen

Ellen's intuitive adventure began when a mystery illness led her to seek numerous alternative healing therapies in 2001. The search ended with a diagnosis of severe gluten intolerance and the discovery of Usui Reiki Therapy.  

Ellen became psychic suddenly after taking a Usui Reiki II class on February 23, 2003. Ellen is clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and more. She is known for her ability to communicate with angels, dead people, animals and faeries. Ellen teaches psychic development, Reiki with Angels and Defense Against the Dark Arts to people worldwide via teleclasses and webinars. And she works with medical doctors and hospitals using health intuition.

Ellen lectured at the Virginia Commonwealth University and the Medical Careers College and has given interviews on various radio stations and podcasts: Planetary Spirit Radio, Out of the Fog with Karen Hagar, The X Zone with Rob McConnell and A Psychic’s Story. Ellen hosted a popular talk radio show on the CTR Network in 2011 called Psychic Say So Radio.  

Ellen is a Certified Project Management Professional and she occasionally does business consulting. She owned Mahloy Web Development in the early 2000s, she co-owned BE Healthy Expos, LLC (presenter of the Richmond Alternative Health Expo from 2007 - 2011), she was a Managing Partner at Opalessie LLC (a small product development firm from 2016 - 2019) and she is currently designing apps for virtual and online business efficiency. In 2023, Ellen became a partner in the Ethereal Network - a streaming tv channel focused on metaphysic, natural health and uplifting content.

Ellen lives in the Richmond, Virginia area with her husband Jeff, their daughter Penelope, their 2 cats - Thor and Kevin - and their tiny dog, FiFi.