Ellen's intuitive adventure began when a mystery illness led her to seek numerous alternative healing therapies. The search ended with a diagnosis of severe gluten intolerance and the discovery of Reiki Therapy. Ellen became psychic suddenly after taking a Usui Reiki II class in February 2003. It took Ellen a year to accept and appreciate the gift and to learn to effectively use the ability.

Ellen lectured at the Virginia Commonwealth University and the Medical Careers College. Ellen was a Partner at BE Healthy Expos, LLC (presenter of the Richmond Alternative Health Expo) and was a Managing Partner at Opalessie LLC a small product development firm.

Ellen is writing 3 books based on her workshops: Reiki with Angels™, Divine Dating Diva™, and Psychic Ability is a Human Ability.

Ellen lives in the Richmond, Virginia area with her husband Jeff, their daughter Penelope, our 2 cats - Thor and Kevin and our tiny dog FiFi.

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