Reiki with Angels Office Hours

Once you complete your class, you log into the Reiki with Angels (RWA) office hours (live webinar) to obtain your attunement. Attunement is the sacred ceremony that makes you a conduit for healing energy in mind, body and spirit. Additionally, you are welcome to continue to attend our office hours to ask questions whenever you need support.

Webex has desktop and mobile apps you can use to connect with us:

Join us on Tuesdays at 9:30 pm ET 

RWA Level 1

RWA Level I is for personal development. Cost is $100 per student. 

RWA Level 2

RWA Level II is for professional practitioners and students who want advanced techniques. Cost is $449 per student. 

RWA Level 3

RWA Level III is the Master-Teacher Level. Cost is $449 per student

There are a number of ways RWA is different from traditional American-style Usui Reiki: 

Ellen Mahloy sets and maintains the ethical standards of practice for certified RWA practitioners and teachers. 

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