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In March and April of 2024 RWA Levels I & II will taught by Ellen Mahloy and her assistants via webinar on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In this two-part class, students take 2 self-paced classes online and attend webinars for additional instruction. There is no prerequisite to attend. If you've paid for the RWA I self-paced class, use the coupon code RWAI to get $100 off. If you've paid for RWA II self-paced, use the RWAII coupon code to get $449 off. If you paid for both, use the FREECLASS coupon code.

TIME: March 2024, 9 pm ET for US  students
TIME: April 2024, 2 pm ET for UK/EU students

Reiki with Angels Level I - $100

Reiki with Angels Level II - $449

Once you complete your class, you log into the RWA office hours (live webinar) to obtain your attunement (the sacred ceremony that makes you a conduit for healing energy). 

Join us on Mondays at 9:30 pm ET 

RWA OFFICE HOURS, Mondays 9:30 ET.

Meeting number: 2631 830 3843
Meeting password: T2EutZB23HU

Join by phone, United States Toll: +1-650-479-3208

Global call-in numbers:

RWA Level 1

RWA Level I is for personal development. Cost is $100 per student. 

RWA Level 2

RWA Level II is for professional practitioners and students who want advanced techniques. Cost is $449 per student. 

RWA Level 3

RWA Level III is the Master-Teacher Level. Cost is $449 per student

There are a number of ways RWA is different from traditional American-style Usui Reiki: 

Ellen Mahloy sets and maintains the ethical standards of practice for certified RWA practitioners and teachers. 

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