Psychic Development

Can I join a monthly class in progress?

Yes, I allow students to join monthly psychic development classes that have already begun meeting. If you wish to join a class in progress, PayPal the fee to participate and start attending class immediately. The monthly cost is $88 for 3-day a week classes (Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays) and $55 for 2-day a week classes (Mondays-Wednesdays or Tuesdays-Thursdays) per student.

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I am gifting 25 seats in each of my teleclasses to people who are unemployed or living on a reduced income. The spots are first come, first served and you must register below the same as a paying student. You do not need to ask me if you can have one of the seats. If you meet the criteria and want to join class, simply register using the coupon code: FREECLASS

Dear European Students: In June, August, September, October and November 2023 there will be Beginner Psychic Development taught via Webex Meeting webinars at 3:30 pm ET/8:30 pm UK.

Please fill out my Events & Classes Questionnaire to help us plan future teleclasses you are interested in: Questionnaire

When you join Webex, you can enter your name anyway you wish. If you want to remain anonymous, only enter your first name or a nickname. Webcams will be off by default during most of our classes so students will not get preconceived notions about their breakout partner based on what they look like.

Intro to Psi Dev | Self-Paced

Intro to Psi Dev is a self-paced, online, class that anyone can access who has Internet. The cost is $50 and you have lifetime access.

I created this class for people who cannot take Psi Dev live at 9 pm ET, for people who are not yet ready to do practice readings and for people who like all the foundational information and best practices written out and explained in way they can repeat.