Psychic Angel Communicator (PAC) Conference AUGUST 2022

Psychic Angel Communicator (PAC) Certification Course 2022 will be in Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Psychic Angel Communicator (PAC) Certification Course 2022 is a 5-day (Monday - Friday) in-person, intensive focused on communicating with the angelic realm. The course includes lectures by Ellen Mahloy and student practice exercises done individually (guided meditations and out-of-body travel exercises), one-on-one readings, one-on-one spiritual healing sessions and the opportunity to read for the group/audience.

All the exercises are mandatory to gain certification, except group/audience reading, which is optional. If you are not seeking certification, all the exercises are optional. Spots are limited, so reserve your seat today!

After 5-days of Psychic Angel Communication, there is a 2-day Reiki with Angels (RWA) Weekend on Saturday & Sunday, Aug. 6 & 7, 2022, for people who wish to exchange Reiki with Angels sessions with like-minded individuals. This weekend is not only open to students of the RWA healing modality, but to people who practice any system of Reiki that incorporates working with the angelic realm into their practice.

Attendees may register for this event 4 different ways by scrolling below:

  1. One upfront payment for the FULL Conference (PAC & RWA): $600 per attendee

  2. Twelve subscription payments for the FULL Conference (PAC & RWA): $50 Monthly for 12 Months

  3. PAC Course Only: $400 per attendee

  4. RWA Weekend Only: $200 per attendee

None of these conference payments include the travel and lodging expenses of the event attendees.

Holiday Inn & Suites Virginia Beach - North Beach (ROOM DISCOUNT CODE: TBD)

Address: 3600 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 United States - NOTE from hotel event manager: The group block and booking information will be created at end of September, as these cannot be created more than 11 months out.

PAY $600 in Full Now
AUG. 1 - 7, 2022

PAY $50/12 Months
AUG. 1 - 7, 2022

PAC Only: $400
AUG. 1 - 5, 2022

RWA Only: $200
AUG. 6 & 7, 2022

The PAC Conference includes 4 separate events:

  1. Ellen's Assistant's Day (a team building day for Ellen and her assistants)

  2. Spiritual Teachers Training Program (STTP) Students Weekend (this weekend is part of the program - travel and lodging expenses not included)

  3. Psychic Angel Communicator (PAC) Course

  4. Reiki with Angels (RWA) Weekend for Reiki Therapy Practitioners of any system who work with the angelic realm

FRI., Jul. 29th
Ellen's day with her assistants!

SAT., Jul. 30th
STTP Day 1

8 am - 11 am: AM Session
11 am - 12 am: Lunch
12 pm - 3 pm: PM Session

SUN., Jul. 31st
STTP Day 2

Same Schedule
Both Days

MON., Aug. 1st
PAC Course Day 1
8 am - 11 am: AM Session
11 am - 12 am: Lunch
12 pm - 3 pm: PM Session

TUE., Aug. 2nd
PAC Day 2

Same Schedule Each Day

WED., Aug. 3rd
PAC Day 3

Same Schedule Each Day

THU., Aug. 4th
PAC Day 4

Same Schedule Each Day

FRI., Aug. 5th
PAC Day 5

Same Schedule Each Day

SAT., Aug. 6th
RWA Weekend - Day 1

8 am - 11 am: AM Session
11 am - 12 am: Lunch
12 pm - 3 pm: PM Session

SUN., Aug. 7th
RWA Weekend - Day 2

Same Schedule
Both Days

Hello PAC Conference Attendees,

Ellen's PAC students are eligible to join her PAC Google Classrooms.

To get into the classroom, you need to receive an email invitation from Ellen and have a Gmail account. Once you're in the Google Classroom, you are automatically enrolled in the Flipgrid account associated with the class. I've been sending out email invites to students; let me know if you did not receive one.

No one is required to join the classroom nor participate in the Flipgrid group. However, the classroom is where I'm posting handouts, infographics, links to books and products, and recordings of past classes.

I look forward to interacting with you in our Google Classroom and Flipgird group!

Kind regards,

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