Spiritual Awakening Support Group

SASG meets on Wednesdays at 7 pm ET

The Spiritual Awakening Support Group is led by Ken Kiehn (one of Ellen's assistants) from Grants Pass, Oregon and it begins at 7:00 pm ET pm on Wednesdays (group runs about an hour). 

All people are having a spiritual journey. Some people are having a spiritual awakening, which means their spiritual journey is happening at a rapid pace. 

We created this free SASG to help those who need a safe place to share their experiences and feelings. 

 (Wednesdays)  1 pm HT | 4 pm PT | 5 MT | 6 CT | 7 pm ET

(Thursday)  12 am London | 1 am Paris | 2 am Lebanon | 8 am Tokyo | 9 am Sydney